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Ho-Hum as it goes

Time ticks slowly

As the wind blows


Another hapless night cascades into the mindscape of young Peter as he’s imagining what life would be like as a great explorer—traveling to distant and far away lands.

DopeApe #1851.png
DopeApe #3440.png

Buddha has just assassinated one of the Gods.


Under the shade of heavy gunfire, Buddha runs for cover.  He finds refuge in a nearby archway.  As the feverish rush of adrenalin courses through his veins, he assumes a seated position, immediately activates CENTRE and begins to breath.  He thinks to himself, “Get me the ape outta here!”

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Consecutively, as his heartbeat slows and mind begins to drift away, Buddha remembers his past life as a civilian and thinks to himself, “How did I get myself into this?”

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Conjointly, back at PFUEL labs


PFUEL labs tech: “We got a lock…Initiate mind-port in 3…2…1…”

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In the ensuing moments, Buddha finds himself within the vast landscape of emptiness.  Per protocol, he recites the words as if reading a spell,


“In the beginning

There was no PAST


NOW will not last”


He then swallows the pills to initiates the final sequence for the  Mind-port, jumping out of his body and into safety.  Buddha vanishes instantaneously—leaving behind a fiery reminder of his presence.

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We return to Peter years later.  He is studying at University.  He’s still bored af. As he’s sitting in his dorm room, he wonders to himself, “How did I get myself into this?” He thought that attending university would give him a sense of fulfillment—but he’s left feeling empty.  He finds himself thinking about being a great explorer, traveling to distant lands.  Thoughts of the adventure and the Great Outdoors become more concentrated.  We tag along for the ride as we traverse into Peter’s mindscape.


Excitement, new lands and infinite potentials await…

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"Embarking on a new journey

New discoveries can make one immortal

What’s this, What’s this

Is this a key to a portal?"

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Peter is overtaken by the image—he is transfixed—hypnotized even.   He analyzes and dissects every curve and angle. He carefully reaches for his sketchpad as not to break his gaze. He begins to sketch.  He can’t get the stencil out of his mind, as it is seared into his forethought.  He obsesses over it “What does this mean? Was someone else here before me”? Peter surveys the fertile land.  He sets up camp so he can rest.  He stays for a while to make sure the land is habitable.

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Peter returns home a champion, building onto his reputation as the Greatest Space-Barron that ever lived. He spreads word of his discovery of a new land.  He collects his wife and their belongings and returns to the space/the Void.  Other families from his clan go as well.  He never tells anyone about the stencil: he keeps it a secret.


Time passes, everyone is settled in and starting new life.  The land is sustaining life, families are growing and flourishing within the new decentralized structure, life is good. Peter and Sheyonce start a family, everything is going as planned.  That is until the day when Peter cracks the code of the stencil.  He figures out that it’s a gate into another dimension of space and time.  Early one morning, Peter opened the gate and stepped inside.  Like the Buddha, he instantaneously vanishes into the ether.

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Time passes, nobody knows what happened to Peter: the family is distraught.  His son, Elder, grows into a man and has his own family.  The mystery of his father's disappearance shrouds him.  Elder looks for clues.  He eventually finds Peter's sketchbook.  He looks through it and notices the last few entries.  He ponders their significance of.  On an ordinary day, an epiphany—he finally solves the mystery.  Deep in thought, he enters a meditative state, time stands still. The silence elicits a sense of calm and serenity.  But something curious is occurring in the backdrop. “Have I upset the Gods with my curiosities?”, Elder questions.  The silence responds to his query with disdain and the deafening sound of silence. Elder is frightened and disoriented, but is jolted into a present frame of reference as the Gods crack open the sky with thunderbolts—lightening ensues.  Elder begins to panic as he feels imminent danger upon him.  Without notice, the vacuum of space sucks him out of existence and into a new space.

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Back to the Future

or in the past

What became of Peter Gray

A lower order or higher caste?

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