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Back at PFUEL labs,

the team has just installed a new piece of tech.

In a moment of retrospect,

Lab Tech: "We've come such a long way,..."

"...with the new install, we can toggle between settings; Awake or Dream, Pause and Reset."

"We can even intersect world-lines! How cool is that?"

Lab Tech: "Let's run a new simulation and give it a spin."

petStar.00x2 - blue chippy drive.gif

Lab Tech: "Reset"

petStar.000005 - sleep mode.gif

Lab Tech: "Start new sequence"

Lab Tech: "Establishing congruency"

Lab Tech: "Linking"

Lab Tech: "We got a lock"

Lab Tech: "Upload Hologram"

Racing through the vast expanse of Chippy's mindscape

to be continued...

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