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Once upon a midnight dreary

--Time was in a low entropic state.

There was divine order within this complex until there wasn't-- the hierarchy of order was lost.

Chaos and instability ensued, nowhere was safe. Confused and harried, Time quickly went on the move -- making an attempt to flee from danger.

After traversing great distances, Time was out of steam and needed to rest.

As Time was reflecting on the events of the previous occurrence (memory/past), Time became deeply contemplative. A spontaneous sensation began to percolate -- an unfamiliar feeling from deep within. With no context for this new sensation, Time knew whatever it was, it was painful.

The sensation grew and grew until a tear (entropy). Time felt a sense of deep despair. Instances passed in what felt like an eternity,

Then suddenly, a Big Bang! This was followed by the sensation of a deep tear, then a split. Time felt as if something was fulled out from the depths of its being.

Distraught with physical pain and mentally exhausted from travel, Time shut down.

As the moments pass, Time descends into deeper layers of subconsciousness.

Ultimately, Time enters Dream-Space

Time sees the vast expanse of existence


... races towards the new visual landscape with verve, vigor, and anticipation.

Within this complex, Time sees the life of Divine Geometry and Death.

Time sees the Maker

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